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Human perceptions of the Lord inaccurate

To the Editor:

 What if the Lord was very, very little, but powerful enough to create the cosmos? It is possible. I do believe the Lord could be small. He doesn’t have to be huge. Imagine our Father Almighty, yet He is sweet and nice. Love is His name.

 In the book of Matthew, chapter 5, verse 8, it says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see the Lord.”

 There must be a reason why only the pure in heart shall see the Lord. For those of us that do get to see the Lord, I think we are going to be very surprised; way different than we imagined. Along with this is the imagined appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have pictures of Him, and he’s presented to us as with long hair and a beard. First of all, Jesus was a Jew. He was not white. Also, I’ve been told they didn’t have long hair in those days. When we finally do meet Jesus face to face, we are going to be very surprised. He isn’t going to look anything like we imagined.

 Human prejudices have caused a lot of people to have heartache. People believe that if a person is small, he can be taken advantage of. But I tell you if the Lord is little, you will not be able to take advantage of Him, for He is almighty and all-powerful. He is also allknowing and wise. Whether He is big or little, His attributes are what is important. We need to read the Holy Bible to understand what His characteristics are. He is love, but He is also just.