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Hohn family has years of success on track

Jim Hohn, left, Tucker Hohn, center, and Darryl Hohn stand together behind trophies won by Tucker. (Photo courtesy of Jim Hohn)

Racing runs in Tucker Hohn’s blood.

The 13-year old has been riding bikes ever since he can remember. Since the age of 3, he has been on a bike and has won 13 dirt bike racing titles.

Tucker, of Mitchell, fell in love with racing, after it was introduced to him by his dad Jim Hohn, who was taught by his dad, Darryl Hohn.

“They were both really good riders and I guess it just runs in the family,” Tucker said. “On the track, your adrenaline is always running and I love that feeling.”

Tucker has found the correct recipe for winning and it involves his family. Jim, 48, takes care of the bikes and Darryl, 68, provides advice and Tucker handles everything that takes place on the track.

“It is fun to watch Tucker do what we did better than we could,” Jim said, adding Tucker is the best rider of the three. “We went as far as we could, but now it is nice to see the new blood we have and to be able to help him out.”

Arguably, Tucker’s biggest win came in 2011 at Reliance as an 11-year-old. He won races in the 85cc dirt bike class and the supermini class against 15-year-old riders.

Tucker is used to riding against older competitors because Jim makes sure his son rides against kids three years older than Tucker. Jim said the method behind the tactic is to help Tucker learn.

Riding against older competitors has been successful so far as Tucker has won the Sioux Valley Cycle Club MX Championship series the last two years in three different classes. Tucker took home titles in the Lites C, Schoolboy and Supermini classes.

“I just ride a lot and practice hard,” said Tucker, who spends many days practicing in Dimock.

Tucker competes during the summer and several races during the winter months in Rapid City, Sturgis and Renner. He hasn’t raced out of the state yet, but has hopes of doing so soon.

The family has never looked for major sponsors. The team titled Shark Racing is sponsored by Honda of Mitchell and Darryl Hohn. The Hohns like it this way because it gives them the chance to decide what races they want to compete in.

The line of racing began when Darryl got started racing go-karts as a kid. He traded his go-kart in for a motorcycle.

His love for racing bikes started as he began to hang out with older guys, who were also interested in racing.

“Back in my day, there were no age groups, just guys with bikes,” Darryl said. “What Tucker does on the track today would plum scare me to death, but to see what they accomplish is fascinating.”

As far as his racing career goes, Tucker has dreams of racing in national events. He would like to compete at a national event in Millville, Minn., this year.

Jim also continues to race in cross country races. Jim and Tucker won a father-son long distance race last summer. The race format required both to alternate riding one lap apiece for three hours.

The race was exciting for them because it exemplified exactly what they are about — family racing.