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GM vehicles get temporary new location until show floor finished

The Vern Eide GM dealership in downtown Mitchell has temporarily transferred its inventory and sales department to the north side of town while workers complete a remodel of the show floor.

All vehicles are located near the Vern Eide Ford dealership on North Main Street for the next 10 to 14 days.

"The exterior of the building has not changed, but the interior is a wow," said Kelly Kramer, general manager of both Vern Eide dealerships in Mitchell.

The project began in October. The new show floor will feature a coffee bar, refreshment area and an altogether "friendlier environment for customers," he said.

Customers who need vehicles serviced are still welcome to visit the GM location. Kramer said parts, service and the body shop will all remain open during the show floor remodel.

By the time the sales department moves back in, the remodel will be 95 percent complete, he said.

Vern Eide has purchased the former Wade Musick's Car City building and land, located just south of Vern Eide Ford. The company has no immediate plans for the building, Kramer said, but in the next three years, the company intends to build a new GM location on the lot between the current Ford location on North Main Street and the former Car City building.

"We've gotten approval from General Motors to build on that site," he said. "There are different things we're considering, but we're not sure what we're going to do with the old building yet."

As for the current GM location, Kramer said its future is undecided.

"We're making an investment on the building hopefully to repurpose the building for something else," he said. "We plan to use it for something."