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Crow Creek's Hunkpati Investments expands program for matching savings

FORT THOMPSON — Hunkpati Investments is expanding its Crow Creek Asset Building Okodakiciyapi: Adult Individual Development Account Program.

The IDA will now offer services to more people over a larger area, assisting individuals with assets such as home ownership, education and business.

In this program, participants open a joint savings account with Hunkpati Investments and set a savings goal, while agreeing to deposit a certain amount every month.

As savers make their deposits, match funds are deposited in a parallel account.

Once the savings goal is reached, Hunkpati Investments disburses the funds to make the purchase for the intended asset.

“The fact that we’ve broadened our qualifications is great news for folks in the area and our organization,” said Whitney Nordvold, IDA program administrator.

Any individual enrolled in a federally recognized tribe living on or near Crow Creek Reservation, or any nonenrolled person living on the Crow Creek Reservation, is eligible to apply for the IDA program.

The expanded area includes the communities of Fort Thompson, Big Bend and Crow Creek. It also includes the counties of Buffalo, Lyman, Hughes, Hyde, Brule and the Fort Pierre area of Stanley County.

For more information about Hunkpati Investments, please visit or call 605-245-2148.

-Source: Hunkpati Investments