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Bosworth raises $315K in 4Q but debt exceeds cash

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — Republican Senate candidate and political newcomer Dr. Annette Bosworth had nearly $250,000 in her campaign coffers at the end of the year, but owed $255,000 to various vendors and consultants, mostly for a direct mail campaign to draw out-of-state contributions, according to Federal Election Commission documents posted on Tuesday.

Bosworth, 42, took in about $315,000 during the fi nal three months of the year, outpacing the lone Democratic candidate and all but one of the four Republicans she’ll face in the June primary.

Bosworth’s year-end campaign finance report just became available Tuesday. Her campaign had not previously responded to a request The Associated Press made of all Senate candidates to share the reports on the Jan. 31 deadline.

More than $230,000 of her contributions were non-itemized donations from people giving less than $200 each, but of the $78,000 in itemized contributions of $200 or more, just $6,900 came from in-state addresses. Bosworth, a political newcomer who operates a Sioux Falls-based private practice called Meaningful Medicine, said people across the country have been drawn to her platform of needing to repeal the nation’s new health insurance system, reduce spending and fi ght government intrusion.

“And as you grow this process, reinvesting our contributions into getting our message out and being known has been what we’ve been doing,” Bosworth said Tuesday.