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Bonesteel newspaper likely closing

BONESTEEL -- After 113 years of serving the Bonesteel area, the Bonesteel Enterprise weekly newspaper has likely published its last issue.

David and Scott Perlenfein wrote a note to their subscribers in the July 3 issue stating they'd been involved with the paper for more than 40 years and published about 2,000 issues. They thanked all those in the community who helped produce the news and ads each week.

They also said they had tried to sell the newspaper for quite some time, but it didn't happen.

David Bordewyk, general manager of the South Dakota Newspaper Association, said Friday the closure is sad but not surprising.

"It's an example of a small community with a small retail base that makes it very difficult for a small newspaper to survive," he said. "It's unfortunate to see any community lose its newspaper. Generally, it's losing a key part of the community when a newspaper closes its doors."

Bordewyk said he found out this week about the Enterprise closing when he read the short article in the weekly paper.

"After 113 years of continuous newspapers printed in the city of Bonesteel, we regret to inform everyone that this very likely be the last issue of the Bonesteel Enterprise," the article reads.

He's not sure of the reason for the newspaper closing, but says it's likely due to a lack of advertising or smaller advertising market.

David and Scott Perlenfein could be reached for comment.