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Former police chief found guilty of murder

Bankruptcies for March 29

Here are bankruptcy filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of South Dakota, for March 20 through March 26. Individuals can file Chapter 7 petitions (asking that debts be liquidated); Chapter 12 (a simplified reorganization method for farmers and ranchers whose gross debt does not exceed $1.5 million); and Chapter 13 (a plan to repay some debts in three to five years). Businesses can file Chapter 11 petitions to reorganize their debts under a court-approved plan for repayment.

• Aberdeen: Johnny Martin Johnson, Chapter 7; Jessica Lynn Weber, Chapter 7.

• Brandon: Tamara Kay Spurling, Chapter 13; Marie Lynn Edwards, Chapter 7.

• Colton: Amber Marie Davenport, Chapter 7.

• Canton: Jeffrey Michael Gergen, Chapter 7.

• Castlewood: Sheila Ann Thompson, Chapter 7.

• Edgemont: LeeAnn (no middle name) Hanson, Chapter 13.

• Harrisburg: Jessica Lynn Freyholtz, Chapter 7.

• Hartford: Joseph William Hawkey, Chapter 7.

• Parker: Adam Ray Jans, Chapter 7; Brittany Yvonne Jans, Chapter 7.

• Pierre: Brian Keith Lappe, Chapter 7; Leah Kay Lappe, Chapter 7; Jason Wyatt Taylor, Chapter 7.

• Rapid City: Brandon Lyle Bakeberg, Chapter 7; April Ann James Bakeberg, Chapter 7; Kattie Ann Lail, Chapter 7.

• Rosebud: Pearl Jean Iyotte, Chapter 7.

• Salem: Randy Michael Albertson, Chapter 7.

• Sioux Falls: Matthew Michael Regnier, Chapter 7; Tera Rae Regnier, Chapter 7; Charles Blaine Thomas, Chapter 7; Lee Ann Thomas, Chapter 7; Dawn LaRay Bickett, Chapter 7; Jay Matthew Arbach, Chapter 7; Aimee Lynn Reuer-Arbach, chapter 7; Kerry Dean Stoops, Chapter 7; Christie Marie Stoops, Chapter 7; Phillip Murray Brown, Chapter 7; Judy Jean Bergendahl, Chapter 7; Becky Lynne Vandenberg, Chapter 13; Ava Ilene Grimshaw, Chapter 7; Jessica Jo Dalldorf, Chapter 7; Joshua Michael Larson, Chapter 7; Connie Faye Larson, Chapter 7; Wesley Albert Case, Chapter 7; Troy Neil Dam, Chapter 7; Heather Ann Dam, Chapter 7.

• Spearfish: Daniel Ray Harvey, Chapter 7; Judy Lee Harvey, Chapter 7.

• Tea: Aaron Michael Domagala, Chapter 7; Jennifer Lynn Domagala.