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Dakota Access Pipeline resistance camp cleared as officers arrest 33 protesters


Here are bankruptcy filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of South Dakota, for Feb. 27 through March 5. Individuals can file Chapter 7 petitions (asking that debts be liquidated); Chapter 12 (a simplified reorganization method for farmers and ranchers whose gross debt does not exceed $1.5 million); and Chapter 13 (a plan to repay some debts in three to five years). Businesses can file Chapter 11 petitions to reorganize their debts under a court-approved plan for repayment.

• Aberdeen: Ross Allan Grode, Chapter 7; Tina Marie Karpinske, Chapter 7.

• Avon: Seth Matthew Gill, Chapter 7.

• Central City: Becky Fannette Fontenot, Chapter 7.

• Elk Point: Carrol Walter Strand, Chapter 7.

• Harrisburg: Steven Arthur Schneider, Chapter 13; Katherine Marie Schneider, Chapter 13.

• Mitchell: T.J. DeJong, L.L.C., Mitchell, Chapter 7; Lisa Renee Shippy, Chapter 7.

• Rapid City: Susan Lynn Blade, Chapter 7; Chelsea Nicole Louder, Chapter 7.

• Roscoe: Johnny Jay Wipf, Chapter 7; JoAnn (no middle name) Wipf, Chapter 7.

• Sioux Falls: Joshua James Popkes Sr., Chapter 7; Adane Gabre Redda, Chapter 7; Selam Adane Yeman, Chapter 7; Michelle Lynn Thorne, Chapter 7; Cody Robert Aeilts, Chapter 7; Kathleen Ann Koepsell, Chapter 7; Douglas Gene Haraldson, Chapter 13; Darci Ann Haraldson, Chapter 13.

• Sturgis: Tracy Warren Nordell, Chapter 7.

• Vermillion: Andrew Joseph Horan, Chapter 7; Lindsey Jo Lucas, Chapter 7.

• Yankton: Lawrence Louis Kostel, Chapter 7.