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Avera Education & Staffing Solutions launches online medication aide program

Avera Med Aide Online Training Solutions is currently offering training for medication aides. Avera Education & Staffing Solutions launched the online training in April.

Via online modules, textbook reading and assigned skills activities, students are able to complete 20 hours of instruction to be eligible for course completion. As part of the 20-hour course, students also complete two unit exams, a one-hour online laboratory, a three-hour one-to-one skills performance evaluation and a proctored online final exam. Upon successful completion, AESS will issue a certificate of completion.

The program encourages medication aides to understand their role in the nursing process and focuses on expanding medication aide skills, along with illustrating ways to ensure that patient or resident rights are met.

The curriculum is approved by the South Dakota Board of Nursing.

Businesses or organizations that are interested in learning more about the Avera Med Aide or CNA Online Training Solutions courses can call AESS at (605) 668-8475.

-- Source: Avera