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Area basketball roundup: Hanson gets game-winning shot to beat Mount Vernon in overtime

ALEXANDRIA -- Jordan Marquardt hit a 3-point shot as time expired in overtime to help the Hanson High School boys' basketball team beat Mount Vernon 53-52 in overtime Friday.

Mount Vernon took the lead with 4.8 seconds on a shot by Jared Long. Hanson got the ball, and got a banked 3-pointer from Marquardt to win it.

Marquardt had a team-high 20 points. Reid Smith had 10 points and Matt Huber had 10 points and 10 rebounds.

The Beavers were 21-of-44 from the field, 11-of-16 from the free-throw line and had 25 turnovers.

Dean Frey had 22 points, Cameron Deinert had 13 points and Long had 10 points.

The Mustangs were 24-of-56 from the field, 7-of-16 from the free-throw line and had 24 rebounds.

Hanson (8-1) hosts Howard on Tuesday, while Mount Vernon (6-2) plays Viborg/Hurley today in Freeman.

H 13 27 38 46 53

MV 2 28 40 46 52

Freeman 69, Marion 17

MARION -- Freeman's Shaun Becker had 12 points and seven rebounds in a 69-17 win over Marion Friday.

Marion was held scoreless in the second quarter and shot 14 percent from the field in the game.

Freeman's Chet Peterson had 11 points and Arron Lickteig had 10 points. Braden Schmidt had nine rebounds. Freeman was 27-of-65 from the field and had 36 rebounds.

Marion's Joey Pessia had seven points and six rebounds and Jacob Wuertz had eight points.

Marion committed 28 turnovers and had 26 rebounds.

F 23 42 55 69

M 5 5 12 17

Andes Central 46, Scotland 30

SCOTLAND -- Andes Central's Gabe Cournoyer had a game-high 21 points in a 46-30 win over Scotland Friday night.

Andes Central led 21-15 at halftime and got 11 points from Neulan Dion.

Scotland's Jared Kloucek and Kyle Gall each had six points. Gall also added eight rebounds and Garrett Kotalik had seven points and eight rebounds.

Scotland (0-9) hosts Irene-Wakonda on Tuesday, while Andes Central hosts Parkston on Monday.

AC 12 21 33 46

S 5 15 23 23

McCook Central/Montrose 52,Sioux Valley 37

SALEM -- McCook Central/Montrose's Shayne Gottlob had 16 points and 21 rebounds in a 52-37 win over Sioux Valley in a Big East Conference game Friday night.

The game was moved from Montrose to Salem because of a water main break.

Jordan Wolf had 14 points, Gavin Gassman had 12 and the Fighting Cougars led 34-12 at halftime.

MCM shot 15-of-55 from the field and hit 24 of 40 free throws. The Fighting Cougars won the rebounding battle 45-29.

Sioux Valley's Adam Fideler had 13 points.

MCM (7-3) plays Flandreau next on Friday.

MCM 15 34 37 52

SV 4 12 23 37

Corsica/Stickney 68, Kimball/White Lake 53

STICKNEY -- Corsica/Stickney defeated Kimball/White Lake 68-53 Friday night in high school boys' basketball action.

Corsica/Stickney was led in scoring by Adam Bormann, who scored 18 points and had five assists. Aaron Groeneweg had 13 points, Ryan Honslo had 14 points and Lane Thomas had 10 points.

Corsica/Stickney shot 60 percent from the field and shot 65 percent from the free-throw line. Greoneweg had 10 of Corsica/Stickney's 27 rebounds. Corsica/Stickney had 14 total turnovers.

Kimball/White Lake was led in scoring by Jesse Taylor, who had 14 points. Trevor Reinesch, Kyle Peters and Jacob Kirsch each had 12 points.

Kimball/White Lake shot 47 percent from the field and shot 76 percent from the free-throw line. Taylor had nine of Kimball/White Lake's 20 rebounds. Kimball/White Lake had 14 total turnovers.

Corsica/Stickney (5-3) hosts Ethan on Thursday in Stickney. Kimball/White Lake (5-3) travels to Gregory on Thursday.

Corsica/Stickney won the JV game 43-24.

CS 16 30 46 68

KLW 12 28 41 53

Bridgewater-Emery 54, Menno 36

MENNO -- Bridgewater-Emery defeated Menno 54-36 Friday night in high school boys' basketball action.

Bridgewater-Emery was led in scoring by Clayton Dye, who scored 16 points. Seth Wethor had 14 points and Jacob Schweitzer had 13 points. Bridgewater-Emery shot 19-of-51 from the field (37 percent) and went 12-of-18 from the free-throw line. Bridgewater-Emery had 19 total rebounds and seven turnovers.

Menno was led in scoring by Austin Herrboldt, who scored 17 points. Ben Fischer had nine points. Menno had 24 total rebounds. Menno shot 11-of-26 from the field (42 percent) and went 5-of-9 from the free-throw line (56 percent). Menno had 15 total turnovers.

Bridgewater-Emery (6-3) plays Freeman Academy today. Menno (3-5) plays Ethan for its next game on Monday.

South Central 70, Gregory 39

BURKE -- South Central defeated Gregory 70-39 Friday night in high school boys' basketball action.

South Central was led in scoring by Tyler Frank, who scored 13 points. Jordan Janousek, Josh Tuttle and Dakota Votaw each had 10 points. Joden Bartling had seven rebounds. South Central had seven total turnovers.

Gregory was led in scoring by Dylan Voigt, who scored 11 points. Nolyn Mikelsen had nine points. Sam Hazen had seven rebounds. Gregory had 14 total turnovers.

South Central (4-5) travels to Winner on Monday for its next game. Gregory (0-6) hosts Chamberlain on Tuesday.

Canistota 51, Ethan 40

CANISTOTA -- Canistota beat Ethan 51-40 on Friday night in high school boys' basketball action.

Canistota was led in scoring by Cody Bunger, who scored 19 points. Alex Robertson had 10 points, eight assists and four steals.

Canistota shot 18-of-42 from the field (42 percent) and went 10-of-20 from the free throw line.

Jason Van Winkle grabbed nine of Canistota's 26 rebounds. Canistota had 14 total turnovers.

Ethan was led in scoring by Blake Bartscher, who scored 10 points. Ethan shot 15-of-42 from the field and went 8-15 from the free-throw line. Ethan had 25 total rebounds. Jace Connor and Kendall Lindemann each grabbed seven rebounds. Ethan had 19 total turnovers.

Canistota (8-0) hosts Freeman Academy on Tuesday. Ethan (5-4) plays Menno on Monday.

C 18 11 5 17

E 11 9 12 8

Lyman 52, Phillip 30

MURDO -- Lyman defeated Phillip 52-30 at the Jones County Invitational Friday night.

Lyman was led by Hunter Schindler who had a double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds. Jailanie Uthe scored 16 points. Lyman shot 21-of-43 from the field and went 7-of-13 from the free-throw line. Lyman had 38 total rebounds. Lyman had 18 total turnovers.

Phillip was led in scoring by Tate DeJong, who scored nine points. Phillip shot 10-of-37 from the field and went 8-of-14 from the free-throw line. DeJong had six of Phillip's 29 rebounds. Phillip had 21 total turnovers.

Lyman (9-4) plays Bennett County today at 2:30 p.m. Phillip (3-5) plays Kadoka today at 1 p.m.

Lyman 13 28 34 52

Phillip 6 15 21 30

Bennett County 36, Kadoka 33

MURDO -- Bennett County defeated Kadoka 36-33 Friday night at the Jones County Invitational.

Bennett County was led in scoring by Wade Porch, who had 15 points and Eli Livermont, who scored 10 points.

Bennett County shot 19-of-47 from the field and went 7-of-18 from the free-throw line. Bennett County had 23 total rebounds. Porch grabbed seven rebounds. Bennett County had 19 total turnovers.

Kadoka was led in scoring by Kenar VanderMay, who scored 16 points. Kadoka shot 8-of-29 from the field and went 11-of-16 from the free-throw line. Kadoka had 21 total turnovers.

Bennett County (4-4) will play Lyman today at 2:30.

Kadoka plays Phillip today at 1 p.m.

BC 12 20 34 46

K 4 10 17 33

White River 97, Stanley County 29

MURDO -- White River defeated Stanley County 91-29 Friday night at the Jones County Invitational.

White River was led in scoring by Mic Wan, who had 27 points and Joe Cameron, who had 14 points. White River shot 37-of-69 from the field and went 12-of-17 from the free-throw line. White River had 38 total rebounds and nine total turnovers.

Stanley County was led in scoring by Latrell LaRoche, who scored 10 points. Stanley County shot 13-of-35 from the field and went 3-of-11 from the free-throw line.

White River (8-0) plays Jones County today for the championship game.

Stanley County (4-6) plays Colome today for third place.

WR 23 57 79 97

SC 7 16 20 29

Jones County 61, Colome 57

MURDO -- Jones County beat Colome 61-57 Friday at the Jones County Invitational. Jones County was led in scoring by Gus Volmer, who scored 17 points and Jackson Volmer, who had 13 points. Jones County shot 16-of-49 from the field and went 28-of-41 from the free-throw line.

Colome was led in scoring by Brady London, who scored 20 points.

Colome shot 19-of-38 from the field and went 13-of-22 from the free-throw line.

Jones County (9-2) plays White River for the Championship game.

Colome (4-5) plays Stanley County today for the third place game.

JC 9 24 37 61

C 13 27 38 57

Girls' basketball

Hitchcock-Tualre 66, Wessington Springs 36

WOLSEY -- Hitchcock-Tulare defeated Wessington Springs 66-36 Friday night in a Conference 281 basketball tournament game.

Hitchcock-Tulare's Ashley Binger had a team-high 19 points and 13 rebounds. H-T was 25-of-64 from the field and had 21 steals.

Wessington Springs' Sheyanne Brodkorb had a team-high 16 points and Devin Tebay had 16 rebounds. Shyanne Kopfmann had 15 rebounds.

Wessington Springs was 12-of-52 from the field and had 26 turnovers.

Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 62, Iroquois 6

WOLSEY -- Sanborn Central/Woonsocket defeated Iroquois 62-6 Friday night in a Conference 281 tournament basketball game.

Shelby Selland had 11 points and four rebounds and Candace Page-Martin had 10 rebounds for SC/W, which is 7-1 overall, was 25-of-56 from the field and had 31 rebounds.

Iroquois' Alex Hansen had a team-high four points.

Sunshine Bible Academy 64, Wolsey-Wessington 39

WOLSEY -- Shanna Moreland had a game-high 22 points and eight rebounds to lead Sunshine Bible Academy over Wolsey-Wessington 64-39 in a Conference 281 girls' basketball tournament game.

Wolsey-Wessington was led by Bridgett Clarke, who had 17 points and 14 rebounds.

Platte-Geddes 60,Tripp-Delmont/Armour 53

ARMOUR -- Platte-Geddes was led by Josie DeGroot in a 60-53 win over Tripp-Delmont/Armour Friday night.

She had 21 points and eight rebounds. Kelly Knudson had 19 points and Kelli Sprik had 10 points. Kellee Griese had seven rebounds.

The Black Panthers were 23-of-63 from the field, 7-of-12 from the free-throw line and had 39 rebounds.

TDA was led by Julie Mingo, who had 23 points. Hannah Just and Kelli Batterman each had 12 points. Batterman and LaNae Fuerst each had seven rebounds.

TDA was 22-of-55 from the field, 4-of-11 from the free-throw line and had 29 rebounds.

Platte-Geddes (5-6) hosts South Central on Tuesday in Platte, while TDA (2-8) hosts Andes Central on Monday in Tripp.

PG 15 38 48 60

TDA 12 22 33 53

Dakota Christian 52, Freeman Academy 29

CORSICA -- Dakota Christian beat Freeman Academy 52-29 Friday night in girls' high school basketball aciton.

Dakota Christian was led in scoring by Sara DeWaard, who scored 18 points. Laurel Zomer had 17 points and Brooklyn Vander Pol had 13 points. Dakota Christian had 26 total rebounds.

Dewaard grabbed seven rebounds, Vander Pol and Reagan Erickson each had five rebounds. Vander Pol and DeWaard each had six assists. Dakota Christian shot 23-of-49 from the field (47 percent) and went 5-of-11 from the free-throw line (45 percent). Dakota Christian had 22 total turnovers.

Freeman Academy was led by Jamie Tschetter, who scored 18 points and grabbed seven rebounds. Clara Koerner had six rebounds. Chelsea Wentz had four steals.

Dakota Christian (3-6) hosts Plankinton on Monday for its next game. Freeman Academy (2-6) travels to Centerville on Monday.

DC 11 33 44 52

FA 5 7 19 29

Scotland 56, Andes Central 27

SCOTLAND -- Aisha Abbink had 21 points to lead Scotland past Andes Central 56-27 Friday night.

Scotland's Carley Skorepa had nine points and seven rebounds, and the team led 33-10 at halftime.

Andes Central's Kellie Winckler had 18 points and eight rebounds.

Scotland plays Corsica/Stickney at the Hanson Classic today at the Corn Palace, while Andes Central plays Tripp-Delmont/Armour on Monday in Tripp.

S 16 33 48 56

AC 2 10 18 56