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ND PSC moves ahead with Anderson Seed Co. claims

North Dakota Public Service Commission officials say they are making progress in solving some farm claims against Anderson Seed Co. of Mentor, Minn., but have not finally settled the case.

Jon Jensen, Grand Forks, a special assistant to the North Dakota attorney general in the case, says the PSC and Anderson Seed have not "finalized, but are in the process of solving some claims, rather than incur some costs" in court.

"What we're trying to do is gather all the assets we can from Anderson Seed Co., which will eventually be paid over to the producers," Jensen says. The hearing, which was scheduled July 9 to 11, was canceled last week because the case had been "settled," the clerk of court said.

Jensen says any settlement would be subject to approval from the court, and only after input from farmer creditors.

The issue is over "what Anderson Seed Co. has," Jensen says.

The case is now more than 16 months old, but the timetable is still unclear, Jensen says. "Obviously, we wouldn't take it off (the court schedule) if we'd expect it to be back on soon," he says.

Farmers delivered seed in late 2011 to the company before it went insolvent and sold most of its assets to Legumex Walker of Seattle in February 2012.

The case is in Fargo because Anderson Seed owned a receiving station in Durbin, N.D., in Cass County.

North Dakota farmers have made $2.2 million in claims in the case. South Dakota farmers are owed another $2.6 million, where officials are reportedly studying the case for potential criminal charges.

No Minnesotans have filed claims, but a Pierre CHS Inc. affiliate elevator has a case against Anderson pending in Polk County District Court in Crookston, Minn.